Kangagani Primary School (Wete, Pemba, Zanzibar)


The school is located in the Wete district of Pemba that is the second poorest district in the region. Estimates suggest that 61% of the local residents live below the poverty line. Poverty and illiteracy are contributing factors to the growing problem of child labour. Schools in the region face problems of inadequate facilities and resources and insufficient qualified teachers. Unlike mainland Tanzania, schools do not receive government funding and rely on parental contributions.

The school started in 1947 and is one of the oldest schools in Pemba. There are 24 teachers and 1120 pupils between the ages of 7 to 14. The school has six buildings with 15 classrooms. The school lacks resources and equipment.

 Kangagani Primary School (Wete, Pemba, Zanzibar)

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What We Have Done

We have supported the school through our Zanzibar School Box Libraries campaign by providing the following:

  • Provide children’s books from the UK
  • Provide locally purchased Kiswahili language books
  • Provide a reading mat and two sturdy boxes
  • Deliver training workshops for teachers

What We Plan To Do

The school is in need of urgent support and here is a list of some the priorities:



Provision of 500 children’s books from the UK £700
Provision of 200 locally purchased Kiswahili language books £400 (£2 each)
Providing two book boxes and a reading mat £135
Training workshop and resources for 20 teachers £600 per workshop


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